Do It Yourself Home Office With a Pair of Noise-Cancelling Headphones

best cheap headphones - home office

Starting a new business is exciting, but it also requires a dedicated space to operate. Carving out a spot in the home for an office doesn’t have to be a big deal. These days computers and laptops take up little space, so there’s no need for monster desks hogging the room and dozens of snaking cables ready to be tripped over.

Create Your Own Environment

If getting your own separate room for your office just isn’t an option, one thing you can do is invest in some noise-cancelling headphones. They actively block out exterior sound, which helps aid in your focus and concentration. You don’t even need music: you can activate the noise-cancellation technology to block out external noises that tend to distract you: cars outside, the refridgerator hum, footsteps, etc.

And while the top-of-the-line- NC headphones cost around $300, you can almost-as-good headphones for under $100. You can read this list for the most popular budget-friendly NC headphones.

Being self-employed requires dedication and tenacity. It’s important to feel professional and to have a clear head when working even if it’s at home. It doesn’t have to cost much to set-up a basic home office. Try to focus on keeping a color theme so that space feels separate from the rest of the house.

Mark Your Territory

Lay down a small area rug or even a couple of yoga mats from the dollar store to create a sense of a room especially if you are only using part of a room as your own. Use a small table for the monitor and a TV tray for a keyboard with the tower on the floor. The printer can perch on a crate or two or even plastic storage containers where you can stash important files and spare paper. Buy the best power bar you can afford for those stormy days when the hydro flickers. Buy the best office chair you can afford as this is your most important piece of equipment and you have to be comfortable without back and neck aches and carpal tunnel syndrome. Hunt garage sales and thrift shops for chairs that swivel and have wheels. A cheap room divider can be used for both privacy and for pinning notes. Using bookcases as room dividers can work but don’t overfill bookcases that aren’t anchored to a wall so that they won’t tumble over. The book side can face away and the back of the bookcase can be used to post notes or even inspiration pictures or slogans.

Pick Plants Wisely

Plants in a home office should have round leaves in order to attract prosperity. Don’t use any rubber or plastic plants in an office. Bamboo shoots tied with red and gold thread in sets of three on the “desk” are thought to add auspicious vibrations. A salt lamp provides both light and ions that help boost positive energy. An aquarium of goldfish can provide a soothing distraction while manifesting positive energy.

A bulletin board on the wall or room divider is necessary for notes and calendars. Positive slogans and inspirational pictures will work well. Use cardboard boxes from the liquor store, grocery store or even old shoe boxes to store important files and paperwork. Decorate the boxes with sticky tack paper, wrapping paper or even decals. Colorful labels will keep files sorted. Use one for incoming mail and another one for outgoing mail and sort out other correspondence.

Reuse the Kids’ Old Notebooks and Lunchboxes

No one ever uses up notebooks, and you can always revive an old one by removing scribbles and using the remaining pages. Tape or glue pictures or labels on the covers so that you know which book to use for which task.

Store flash drives, CDs, headsets, and other computer accessories in old lunch boxes or plastic pencil cases and keep them on bookshelves or in your bigger boxes. Containers, which you can buy at thrift stores, dollar stores, and garage sales, can be color coded with your labels and pictures as well.

Creating a dedicated office space can help the busy entrepreneur stay focused and organized and also indicate to the rest of the family that this is serious business.