AbeBooks and 5 Other Money-Saving Tips For College Students

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The Best Money Saving Tips for College Students

 Whether it’s your first semester or your last semester, saving money while going to college could be the most important lesson to be learned. There are a lot of ways to keep cash in your wallet this semester. Read on to discover five strategies to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your college expenses.

5. Don’t buy brand new text books

It’s not a mistake to buy your books brand new, but there is a much more cost effective strategy you can use to save hundreds of dollars every semester.

Sites like Abebooks.com will give you 40% off the cost of college textbooks. Text books cost far more than what they will be worth to you. Half the time, your professors will only want you to read a small portion of the book anyway. Beat the system and call, email, or meet with your instructors about one month before classes begin. Ask them if it would be okay if you used a previous edition of the required textbook for their class. More often than not, there is absolutely no difference in the editions except for a couple of negligible sentences. If your instructor says it’s okay, ordering a second edition is easy to do online and the cost will be a tiny fraction of the most recent edition. A $160.00 book’s second edition may only cost $10.00. And since you can’t spend all of your time studying, make sure you are saving on your entertainment too. For example if you like gaming, you might take advantage of a 15% off esports promo.

4. File your

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